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the Gateway Staff

Shawnee Youth Coalition

The Shawnee Youth Coalition (SYC) is a youth led group determined to make a change. You see many of the issues that they are actively working to change. These are the things that they see as issues and problems in their community. They see these issues impacting their lives, the lives of their friends and family, their community and even their state. Not willing to sit and do nothing they are empowering themselves and their peers to create this change.

They are doing this in many different ways:
  • A Camp that provides food and opportunities for children in poverty
  • Working with the schools to bring a fresh approach to dealing with bullying
  • Creating campaigns to deal with the social norms that exist around adults providing alcohol to minors.
  • Educating and training themselves on issues like suicide, alcohol, tobacco, and poverty.
  • Creating opportunities for other youth to express their concerns with ideas and solutions.

They are fearless and full of passion and drive. To learn more about the Shawnee Youth Coalition or to sign up to join, click the link below.

the Gateway Staff
the Gateway Staff
the Gateway Staff

Since our start in 2002, Shawnee Youth Coalition has been working on making a positive impact in the community. Our hope is to empower other youth in middle and high school to join and help make change happen one project at a time.