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Regional Prevention Coordinator

The Regional Prevention Coordinator, (RPC) through its various partnerships work on the challenge of underage drinking and other substance abuse services in the Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Seminole, Okfuskee, Hughes, McIntosh Regions. The prevention services provided are rooted in environmental strategies. These environmental strategies work to change the conditions within a community, including physical, social, or cultural factors that may lead to substance use. The RPC does this by working and partnering with communities and more specifically, coalitions within those communities.

The RPC gathers data from local law enforcement, schools, and other community groups in order to have an accurate picture of substance use in our region. The data is then assessed to determine the communities awareness on local substance abuse issues. For example, the priority areas of focus are youth marijuana use in Shawnee and underage drinking and adult binge drinking in Seminole County.

• Shawnee youth have a very low perception of harm when it comes to marijuana use

• Shawnee youth rates of marijuana use are higher than both state and county rates

• Seminole County’s adult binge drinking rate was high, as well as alcohol-related traffic fatalities and alcohol crashes

• Seminole County’s underage drinking (within the last 30 days) was higher than the state rate as well as underage binge drinking

To address these issues, the RPC will create community initiatives to educate the public with the help of the coalitions.

In Shawnee, the RPC is working with Pottawatomie County Youth Task Force to educate the school staff, parents, older siblings, employers, business owners and city leaders on the lasting impact youth marijuana use can have

In Seminole, the RPC is working to increase the perception of risk for adult binge drinking and underage drinking, as well as decrease access to low point beer and alcohol. The RPC works with the Seminole County Community Alliance and local law enforcement through training and enforcement, as well as using media to increase knowledge of the Social Host law. The RPC also provides training to low point beer and alcohol retailers in the region.


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