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the Seminole Gateway Staff

Seminole Treatment Location

In response to a request from community members, Gateway to Prevention and Recovery expanded its satellite offices by opening a new site in Seminole, Oklahoma, in February of this year. In order to test the need for and utilization of services, we began sharing offices with the Seminole County TSET Healthy Living Program. By moving into Seminole, we have been able to provide help to an underserved population across the County.

Services at Gateway in Seminole include assessments, case management, intensive outpatient treatment, extended outpatient services, individual therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and couples therapy. Gateway also assesses patients in order to place them on the statewide residential treatment waiting list. We work along with the Shawnee office to provide patients with withdrawal management treatment and gambling treatment, as well. These services are all free or require a minimum copay of three dollars for those receiving treatment. Because we work closely with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS), we are able to offer what other providers in the area cannot.

Gateway in Seminole has been steadily growing since we opened our doors and is seeking to expand services in the Seminole County area for as many people as possible.


Seminole Prevention Location

The Seminole office works as a satellite office for the Shawnee Prevention location. The services for prevention in Seminole include: General Prevention, RPC, prevention of prescription drug misuse, and TSET Healthy Living Program.

In 2015, the State Targeted Response (STR) was awarded which allows for promotion of Gateway to Prevention and Recovery treatment services in Seminole County to continue until 2020.

Many of the successes of the TSET Healthy Living Program include a Business Summit for all 4 sectors with 30 attendees; an Education Summit for all schools in Seminole County and Early Childhood Centers; Certified Healthy Incentive Grant Training was provided for Cities and Schools. Because of these great successes, Seminole County has 40 sector entities apply for Certified Healthy Oklahoma.


220 N. Main St.
Seminole, Ok 74818





Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm