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Wellness Wednesday – It’s Only Temporary

Written By: Gateway, , Wellness

This week I would like to pass along a writing from Case Kenny @case.kenny. (Thanks Leslie Jo!) This message was very timely for me. I hope you all enjoy! I will be back next week!

Repeat after me: it’s only temporary.


How can the things we experience be anything but temporary?

Yes, we have memories. Yes, things stay with us. But those feelings are not permanent.

What you’re experiencing right now is one of many experiences. And life is a series of experiences. Another is going to come tomorrow, and another the next day, and so on and so forth.

Life is the accumulation of all your experiences.

Some will stand out, some will blend in, others you’ll hardly remember… but one thing is true.

They’re all temporary. That’s not a negative thing. It’s a beautiful thing.

You can find fulfillment and beauty in all kinds of experiences.

– people you’ve dated.

– people you’ve worked with.

– people you randomly met

– jobs that only lasted 6 months.

– trips to cities near and far.

The secret to navigating the massive ups and downs of life is to balance both the discomfort and the comfort that comes from knowing that everything is temporary.

Discomfort in knowing that things change FAST and that what you have right now might not last.

But, comfort in knowing that you have massive opportunities ahead of you.

More than that, while there are so many things in life that can lead to pain, there are also equally as many that can lead to the opposite – happiness and fulfillment.

And it’s within the latter that I want you to embrace the temporary nature of life.

I want you to be vulnerable and embrace the “I used to’s” in life.

I used to date that person.
I used to live in that city.
I used to be afraid of.
I used to work at ___.
I used to know ___.

Embrace the fact that everything is temporary. The pain. The defeat. The embarrassment.

As Dave Matthews says, “life is short but sweet for certain.” You are capable of adopting a “I used to” mindset that reminds you that feelings, experiences and people are temporary.

Remember how you once felt in that moment of devastation. Now how do you feel? The wound is still there – no denying that – but it doesn’t hurt as bad.

Because you’ve found hope in other things. Because you’ve allowed new experiences, new opportunities for “I used to” in your life.

That, my friends is the beauty of being human!

You have everything you need to move forward. There will be future moments where things will be different and will offer you new and excitement experiences.

To fully embrace that, you have to decide to let your guard down.

You have to decide to feel. To embrace the fact that things are indeed temporary. That there is always the possible risk of failing or getting hurt. But, taking that risk also opens you up to the possibility of MORE. Memories will be made, good and bad, and you get to decide to look forward to the future memories you have yet to make.

That is the beauty of being alive. Embrace the “I used to’s” in life. They make you realize that you can overcome anything and that the future only holds more rewarding experiences for you.

Let’s go.

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