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Wellness Wednesday – challenging times

Written By: Gateway, , Wellness

In my therapy group this morning we did a check-in where everyone shared a “Peak” and a “Valley” for their week as well as a “Coping Skill” they used to get through the challenging times. I thought for this week’s Wellness Wednesday, I would share mine.

Peak: Recently, I have spent more quality time with my friends. I have intentionally left my phone in my purse, walked away from the dishes, watched an entire soccer game, and plopped myself in the middle of the conversation. I have slightly bent my schedule to facilitate longer nights, louder laughs, and more meaningful conversations. While I still love goal setting, working, and following a routine, this shift in gears has helped me make more memories.

Valley: One challenge I have been facing recently is attending the gym 12x/mo to get my membership paid by my work. I have told myself, “Just go 3x/wk!”, “Go on the weekends!”, “You used to go the gym all the time!”, “You don’t have kids…you should be able to do this!”, and “Do it right after work!” The truth is, although I want to accomplish my goal, I want other things as well…like the life I mentioned in my “Peak”.

Coping Skills: To work through my “Valley” I have started doing simple exercises at home, such as Yoga with Adriene and walking outside. I have even made a plan to meet a friend on Friday mornings at the gym. However, I have also considered discontinuing my membership so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Today, I have choices. I can either change my effort or expectations. I don’t have to “feel bad” for not doing this or that…it may not be a priority at this time…and that is okay.

This week, I invite you to try this “Peak, Valley, Coping Skill Exercise” with your staff, friends, kiddos, spouse, etc. I encourage you to listen with a non-judgmental ear and thank them for sharing their experiences with you.

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