Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is an active process of making choices toward a healthy and purpose filled life. Our Wellness program is rooted in fostering healthy connections, increasing education, breaking down barriers to resources, and giving support to help improve wellness.


Community Connection

In an article entitled, Can Connection Cure Addiction?, Johann Hari writes, “Professor Peter Cohen argues that human beings have a deep need to bond and form connections. It’s how we get our satisfaction. If we can’t connect with each other, we will connect with anything we can find—the whir of a roulette wheel or the prick of a syringe. He says we should stop talking about ‘addiction’ altogether, and instead call it ‘bonding.’ A heroin addict has bonded with heroin because they couldn’t bond as fully with anything else.”

Gateway’s Wellness Program is dedicated to creating opportunities and experiences that break down the stigma of addiction and bridge the gap to community connections.

RAW Connection Calls

In March 2020, during the start of the pandemic, we had to pivot our RAW Luncheons from in-person gatherings and take our program virtual. Thankfully, this approach allowed us to reach a greater span of people to continue spreading the message of hope in recovery. While we have returned to in-person RAW Luncheons, our previous RAW Connection Calls are available for you to watch and enjoy.

RAW Luncheons

RAW Luncheons are an opportunity for Gateway staff, participants, volunteers, and community members to come together and share resources, a nice meal, and stories of recovery. Those that attend express they feel seen, hopeful, and a necessary part of something deeply important. Our R.A.W. Luncheons are more than a meeting, they are an experience. Follow us on Facebook to receive updates and registration information about our upcoming luncheons.

Gateway's Volunteer Team

In 2019, Life.Church chose Gateway as one of its mission partners, stating a commitment to provide relief and restoration to its community through volunteerism and corresponding funds, believing that we can do infinitely more together than we can apart. This partnership allowed Gateway to develop a Volunteer Program that welcomes both Life.Church participants and non-affiliated community members alike to serve and make a long lasting impact on Gateway’s people and programs for generations to come.

Why Volunteers Matter

  • Volunteers help people on their recovery journey feel seen, accepted, and encouraged.
  • Volunteers help meet staff and patients’ needs that would otherwise fall through the cracks due to lack of resources or people power.
  • Volunteers open doors to new people, ideas, and possibilities for Gateway’s staff, patients, and programs.
  • Volunteers help tell Gateway’s story of hope and reframe the negative stereotypes and stigma of addiction.

Shawnee Outlook Magazine

Gateway is a grateful contributor to the Shawnee Outlook. Our articles seek to educate, encourage, and empower community members around the issues of prevention, treatment, and wellness.

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