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the Licoln Gateway Staff

Lincoln Treatment Location

Gateway to Prevention and Recovery has continued to grow and improve services in the Chandler community, adding trauma and co-occurring therapists, case managers, and peer recovery support specialists. We see substance use disorder as a disease due to biological, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual factors that require an integrated treatment approach based on the needs of each individual.

Based on this perspective of integral treatment, we have included Wellness and health activities for our patients providing 5 to 10 minutes of wellness activities during therapy sessions.

This year we have incorporated trauma- directed therapy with addiction and mental health counseling, through individual and group therapy. The therapist is providing two new groups a week to help patients that have suffered emotional trauma. Counseling treatment for co-occurring disorders is also provided.



710 Manvel Ave.
Chandler, OK 74834





Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm